We can assist when establishing a company or buying businesses in regard to:

  • Assist to incorporate a new company, prepare shareholder/partnership
  • Joint ventures, trading trusts, partnerships, limited liability partnerships.
  • Business financing structures.

We can give advice and assist in the operation of your business with regard to:

  • Legislation compliance (such as the Companies Act, Commerce Act, and the Consumer Act

Guarantees Act and the Fair Trading Act, Resource Management Act, Building Act and Construction Contracts Act).

  • Income tax and GST issues, insurance and general business risk.
  • Commercial leasing arrangements.
  • Establishing Terms of Trade and company policies – staff or otherwise.
  • Trademark, copyright or intellectual property issues.
  • Contracts for supplying/acquiring goods or services including International trade contracts.
  • Debt collection and alternative dispute resolution processes.
  • Restructuring, selling or winding up a business.
  • Assisting in the management of insolvency, liquidation and receivership proceedings.

We can help create, manage and review specific organisations:

  • Incorporated societies, Maori trusts, clubs and other organisations.
  • Managing constitutional issues, taxation and gifting, securities and membership issues


For many of us the purchase of a home will be the biggest investment of our lives. Make sure you have the correct structures in place to protect your asset. Building a home can also be a complex task involving building contracts and financing issues. Talk to us for accurate advice and confidence moving forward.

We can help you through the following services:

  • Assist you in the sale and purchase of residential and commercial property.
  • Advise and prepare documentation for procedures relating to residential and
    commercial subdivisions.
  • Advise on and prepare residential and commercial building contracts.
  • Advise on the process and development of property portfolios including strategic
    property advice.
  • Advise and prepare documentation for residential and commercial property finance.
  • Advise and prepare documentation in relation to residential and commercial leases.
  • Advise on Maori land transactions, Maori land shares and Maori land property holdings including establishment of whanau trusts and appearances in the Maori Land Court.


We can provide specialist advice and advocacy to individuals, hapu and whanau groups and organisations on a wide range of commercial and civil law issues including:

  • Treaty claims and grievances
  • Management structures in relation to land utilisation and development, e.g.  trusts, incorporated societies and Maori land rating issues
  • Maori business management structures
  • Protection of Maori intellectual property rights
  • Negotiating and drafting commercial contracts


We can help you through the following services:

  • Assist you in personal asset planning including the creation of discretionary trusts, special trusts and trading trusts.
  • We will also advise in asset risk management, succession planning, asset transfer and restructuring of trusts / companies / partnerships.
  • Prepare Enduring Powers of Attorney, General Powers of Attorney and delegated
  • Offer sound advice to trustees on duties and responsibilities.
  • Offer advice on general tax planning.

Developing strategies to help our clients to protect their hard earned assets is what we do best. The economy is difficult at present and many people are finding that their assets are not as safe as they initially thought. Contact us for sound advice regarding structures that may be suitable to you including family trusts, asset transfer and restructuring of current entities.



As with many countries, New Zealand’s immigration law can be confusing. We don’t believe this should be a hurdle for people immigrating to New Zealand, wanting to sponsor family members into the country or looking to have that overseas work/holiday experience. Our firm can provide professional advice and assistance to ensure you get the best possible result with your specific immigration application. We can help you with the following services:

  • Assist when establishing a company or buying businesses.
  • Assist with all types of temporary and permanent visas and permits.
  • Provide business and investment planning and advice under the business migration
  • Help partners and family who want to immigrate to New Zealand and assist with
    sponsorship forms.
  • Assist people who want to study in New Zealand.
  • Answer questions about immigration law, rules and forms.
  • Appeal Immigration New Zealand decisions.
  • Assist with deportation issues.
  • Help our clients achieve their immigration goals.