Keri joined Brian Nabbs Lawyer in August 1999. With 18 years in the field, Keri’s extensive experience allows her to act in various areas confidently and accurately.  Keri has developed a loyal client following, including developers, property traders and investors who benefit from her timely and friendly advice.

Keri enjoys being involved in a variety of matters, identifying the issues, risks and opportunities and gets a real sense of achievement by assisting clients to organise their affairs and achieve their goals.

Outside of the office, Keri is a competitive ironman triathlete and spends a large part of her time training and competing in triathlons and endurance events.  She is a multiple national ironman champion, the 2016 Asia Pacific ironman age group champion and a 2009 and 2016 Ironman World Championship representative.


“A good lawyer does more than simply prepare solid, workable legal documents. A good lawyer is a trusted advisor who is genuinely interested in your business, has the ability to see the bigger picture and assists you in identifying issues, risks and opportunities both legal and non-legal. This is how we add value to your business”


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